There is a way, so they's just so hard to remember

24 Febbraio, 2009

Here's a quote from Mourinho: “But I have many, many doubts they will come here and play the same way they do in the Premier League with Rooney, Ronaldo, Berbatov and Tevez all together. I’ve many, many doubts about that. We’ll not see all of them. They won’t come here with the same attacking approach. They will change more than us."

So, comes my question, does this mean that the Special One has lost his powers of concentration, or is he purposely giving out misinformation to cover his failure tonight. Man United have only played with all three attackers -Berbatov, Rooney and Tevez - on rare occasions and late in games.

Mourinho is capable of saying daft rubbish just to wind up Ferguson, but does he really think he will change Ferguson's strategy by challenging him to fight with all guns blazing?

23 Febbraio, 2009

On Saturday Chelsea managed to scrape a win at the Villa...weird things happening in the Chelsea camp with Russian chap all smiles and yet his team playing the same frustrating football. And then at the end it's like they've just won something important: Terry's kissing everyone, even snooty Cole is manhandling his team mates, and some are even approaching Mr Bollock himself! What's with that? Chelsea are to be the first Premiership squad to come out en masse?

Terry, incidently, and I'm speaking here directly to Mr Capello, must go. He has snapped, his small mind has gone, and there was hardly anything there in the first place. He plays with gusto, nice way to put it, but he's clumsy and dangerous. There's a primordial thug somewhere inside him just bursting Hulk-like to burst out.



23 Febbraio, 2009

Why do I like football so much? Football is art... It takes us away from the world of crisis, away from the wars, away the financial meltdowns, away from the killing... Football doesn't matter: your team loses but there's always another game, and every year you start again from scratch. It's no level playing field, and money stains the glory, but it doesn't really matter, you the end of the day.

I love football when players slip into the zone, suddenly their movement and control of the ball syncs with their minds, think of George Best slinking and bending past defenders. See him stand with his foot on the ball while a stadium of 50,000 freeze under his power, and the opposition wait hypnotised while he decides their fate.



23 Febbraio, 2009

There's always something there to remind you - sounds like a song...well, of ocurse it does, but unfortunately there isn't very often anything to remind us of anything...not for longer than a few minutes, anyway. Aint that the way!!