1. How can I submit my work? By email. The first step is to sign our guestbook on the members page.

Submissions: we accept submissions of up to ten photographs of an artist's work, either paintings, drawings or sculptures. We prefer images that do not exceed 550 pixels in either height or width. Higher resolutions will be reduced by our technicians.

2. What format? Jpeg.

3. What else should I include? Submissions must include a list of the works in the following format: name (dimensions) materials. An example: La Meditazione  (520x440)  Olio a spatola sul tela

Submissions should also include a short presentation or biography of the artist.

4. Do you accept texts, essays or articles? Yes. Essays on art are welcome and will be displayed on the Text section's pages.

5. What does it cost? There are no charges for our services.

6. Is copyright an issue? We do not display high resolution pictures and so copyright questions are irrelevant. The artist maintains all rights to their work.

7. Do youpay for articles? No payment is offered by iMAG for articles or the right to display works.

8. Can I remove my work? Removal of any work will be immediately acted upon on request of the artist.

9. Can I buy the works on the site? Visitors are encouraged to contact the artists and any purchase negotiations will not involve iMAG or its personnel.

10. Do you post links on site? This site will happily exchange links with relevant sites and portals.

11. Why is the bottom of the picture always missing when I use the slide show option? Optimum viewing of our galleries requires the removal of extra navigation bars in your browser, otherwise the bottom edge of many photographs will be hidden. You can temporarily close your Google or Yahoo type bars from the 'View' tab. Click on 'View' and click on the first option, Tool bars, and deselect your navigation bar. It may be necessary to deselect the bar lock option. You can easily re-select your bar at a later time by reversing the selection.



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